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Services with the aim of raising the funds necessary for development
of the association "Milanima, from shadow to light."

I take care and walk with your dog in a positive way based on playful games. 

The first factor of well-being for your 🐕 is the space of freedom, games and therefore work that you dedicate to him. 

I therefore invite your animal to release its frustrations and to socialize with its congeners during outdoor walks.


As a dog walker, it is necessary to have certain qualities:


- A certain knowledge of dogs and therefore their ethogram (behavioral repertoire)


- A good knowledge of the appeasement signals and basic needs of the dog.


- An ability to act proactively and react quickly in case of chaotic encounters with congeners.


- A keen sense of environmental observation (safety, vision of potential dangers.


- The sense of organization (provide water, propose affordable ways etc ...)


- A connoisseur's view of the breeds and their specific activity potential.


- A good human contact.


Because a professional cultivates an enlightened vision of the dog, his basic needs, his otherness and therefore his animality.


Because he knows how to anticipate sometimes problematic situations


(encounters with a stray dog, a child too enthusiastic or afraid of dogs, a cat, a measurer).


Because a professional will meet upstream the dog and his master to establish a relationship of trust and to acquire essential information about him (race, temperament, age, medical treatment, propensities, fears etc ...)


Because he will establish a first contact outside to observe the dog on a walk and will also organize a visit to the home to initiate the approach to the place of life that the dog can potentially consider as a resource to defend.


To ensure the harmony of the group of dogs (if the walker decides to walk several dogs at once), but also to know to refuse this type of service if it is not compatible with the temperament of one of them.


'Because it will establish an invoice that will be proof that for this specific service, the dog has been under its sole responsibility.


Because in case of transport, the professional will ensure the safety of the animal, in accordance with the regulations.



What are the insurance in case of problems?

Milan & Co is covered by third-party insurance and veterinary insurance.


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