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Roman Provvedi


I am a photographer, dog trainer and animal communication worker.

Born in France on November 8, 1985, from an Italo-Franco-Irish family,

Graduated from a school of applied art in Lyon, I then moved to Paris to follow a training at the International School of Theater Jacques Lecoq focused on the language of the human and animal body. Animal lover from an early age, I developed a particular attraction for dogs during an initiatory trip to Latin America. Meeting an abandoned dog in the desert of northern Argentina made me realize the joys of adoption but also the atrocity of abandonment. On my return to Europe, I am interested and trained in canine education in a renowned school "Bocalan" in Madrid in order to perfect my approach as a photographer with our best friends. I enrich my knowledge in education and dog re-education with Hervé Pupier in France as well as my capacities in animal communication through the workshops of Laila Del Monte.

Roman Provvedi
berger allemand
Ames vagabondes livre
Brigitte Bardot 2017
Bocalan Madrid

"Roman is a vagabond around the world, a poet of adventure, a free being,

a man who is not afraid of anything, without attachment or constraint. A threatened species.

On his way, he met a dog, free, without attachment or constraint!

He called it MILAN as a tribute to the writer Milan Kundera whom he admires enormously.

Since then, they share their inseparable lives, roam the planet, delivered to the hearts of those who help them

and welcome them, more often in misery than in comfort.

Roman and Milan have decided to dedicate their lives to making humans aware of not giving up their companions.

Both have often traveled with poor stray dogs to strive to feed and adopt.

It is on this subject that I met them briefly at the exit of La Madrague.

I was moved by this dog-master couple indissociable and courageous.

I promised them to help them in their wonderful abandonment project around the world. "


Brigitte Bardot.

Milán is a dog from the desert of Salta in Argentina.
Abandoned and hurt, he adopted me along Route 40 where I was waiting for him.
The beginning of a great adventure, a long journey, an endless story...

Roman P.
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