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Animal communication with Roman Provvedi

Animals have so much to tell us

The universe has led me to take an ever-increasing interest in animal communication through Laila del Monte's masterclasses.

The meeting with a stray dog revealed and awakened my sensitivity and my ability to anticipate or feel his emotions.

For my part, most of the time, I use this approach in addition to my job as a dog trainer to trace the source of a behavioral disorder.

Roman Provvedi

What is animal communication ?


Animal communication is called intuitive communication, it works by telepathy. 

 An appointment can be made remotely or at home. 


Many say "I would like to know what my dog, my animal is telling me",  "I would like to talk to my dog", "I would like to talk to my cat" or "I would like to know what my dog thinks, what my animal thinks”. Animal communication allows it.

It helps to understand the animal, to discuss with it.


Animal communication is an exchange and sharing both with your animals and with you.

It is a telepathic communication, soul to soul, heart to heart through the quantum field.


Your animal will talk to me, send me images, sounds, sensations, which concern him but which also concern you.


He will be able to reveal his personality, his thoughts and his emotions.


It is very important that all humans agree to make a communication.


The animal will say things and expect changes. If these are not done, he risks experiencing it very badly. 


Moreover, animal communication can be very intrusive on the lives of humans from the animal. Your little heart can reveal to me emotional and unconscious blockages, difficult stages in your life, aspects of your personality.


It is important to understand that animal communication is in no way a human trial. Our animal friends are not judgmental, malevolent, angry and resentful. Far from there ! They are only love, benevolence and light.

It is also an opportunity for you to send messages, to share your feelings with the animal and to grow together.


Each animal has a mission for its human, and animal communication can then allow you to discover which one your animal has assigned to itself and can also help it in this one.


Animal communication is for ALL animals, without exception.


It can also apply to deceased animals. 


This can be an opportunity for you simply to find out what your pet is thinking, and to help him feel even better.


What questions to ask him :

How do you feel ?

What would you like to be better?

What is your mission with us ?

Do you want another companion ?



In the event of a behavioral problem :

Animal communication can also be used for so-called maladaptive behaviors.


In this specific case, the animal will be asked why it adopts this behavior, what are its motivations,

what is it trying to say through its actions, etc. 


This will allow humans and the animal to find common ground and be able to put changes in place to make the maladaptive behavior go away.


A follow-up in this case will be advised. A month after the first session, it would be wise to redo a communication to see where the animal is and above all it will help to understand the disappearance of the behavior, or if it still has not changed to understand why.


To prevent changes in their daily life :

You go on vacation, you move, a new companion is coming, a baby on the horizon, visit to the vet, operations, treatment... 


You wish to warn your animal of any change in its daily life, animal communication allows you.


This will make the change easier for the animal, and help it adapt. 


It is important not to warn too much in advance either. Some of our companions are very emotional and stressed, warning them too much in advance would increase their stress level.


In case of physical and psychological pain :

Animal communication can be a real tool for understanding and locating animals.

physical pain from our little hairballs. And ask them if they need medical help.


But also to understand what saddens them, bothers them or quite simply what would make them happy.


Energy care can be provided to the animal if necessary, in order to relieve it.


Help for our animals at the end of their life:

I can also accompany you, humans and animals, in this very difficult stage of the ascent to heaven of our little hearts of love.


It is important for us humans to be reassured about our decisions for our animals.


Animal communication allows you to know if your little one wants help to fly away or if, on the contrary, he prefers to stay a little longer.


It's a difficult moment, because you have to be able to hear what the animal has to say to you and respect its will.


This is an opportunity to transmit messages, and also to listen to those of our animal.


A communication for our animals gone to join the angels:

Animal communication also allows us to talk to our deceased animals.


This communication will then be different, because no questions will be asked to the animal, I will only send you its message.


It can allow you to grieve. But sometimes we also

the impression that some of them are trying to communicate with us, or that they are still there. 


This is an opportunity to discover their sublime messages of angels!

Milan, Bariloche Patagonia Argentina


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