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MILÁN (limited edition)

A poetic hymn in the service of the animal cause

A graphic novel which traces the traveling destiny of a dog abandoned in the desert of northern Argentina. 

The author nourishes the dream of traveling and sharing his freedom with a dog that he will call Milan before even meeting him. With him, he will create a visceral complicity, a unique and hopeless friendship. The author and his dog become two deeply united souls where the artist and his muse merge.


Author: Roman Provvedi

Illustrations, texts and photographs by Roman Provvedi

Bilingual French/Spanish version

Pages: 140

Format: 15x21 cm Italian style

4-page cover + 2 flaps extending 12 cm maximum

Paper: modern coated semi-matte 150 g/mÇ

Printing: four-sided

Finish: anti-scratch matte lamination + front relief varnish


Printed on the presses of the Escourbiac printing house in Graulet in France, 2024.



MILÁN, a poetic anthem in service of the animal cause

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