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Title: "Ames vagabondes"

The fate in pictures of an abandoned dog from northern Argentina.

A poetic hymn in the service of the animal cause.

Author: Roman Provvedi

ISBN: 978-2-9565906-0-6

Photographs and texts: Roman Provvedi

Graphic design: Roman Provvedi

Number of pages: 134

Shaping: hardcover, sewn notebooks, straight spine repinced

Impression :
- Cover:
quadri recto / verso + matte anti-scratch lamination front
- Interior: quadri recto / verso

Types of paper used:
- Cover:
printed on Munken Lynx 150g
- Interior: printed on Munken Lynx 170 g

It started like this ..

Animal lover, I dreamed of traveling and sharing my freedom with a dog.
To create a visceral bond, a unique and hopeless friendship.
In June 2013, I went to South America with the idea of adopting
a dog named Milán, in homage to one of my favorite writers.
An abandoned dog who followed me on Route 40 out of a mountainous village in northern Argentina. A wandering soul who will accompany me from the desert to the oceans.
The two of us have covered miles on the roads of Latin America and Europe. On foot, by car, truck, bicycle, boat and plane.
Traveling with a dog involves living like a dog.
This timeless story is above all an invitation to travel, a hymn to Love. *
It is also the result of a long experimental work in the field.
during my travels where I tried my hand at video, writing or drawing.
It seems to me that the role of an artist is to convey emotions, to tell stories and to invite people on a journey. I see the book as a tool of an authenticity that is becoming rare, an opening to the world. I am happy to share this adventure in the hands of the greatest number and perhaps, I hope, to impact the collective unconscious concerning the abandonments all over the world.

Due to the specificity of animal communication which involves soul-to-soul communication, we have the opportunity to dialogue with animals at a very deep psychic level. They don't wear masks like we all do, to “hold our place in society.” That's why I decided to pay tribute to my dog, to our dog all. A too full of Love which left me no choice but to express it through Art.

Roman Provvedi

"Wandering Souls" Art Book

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€15.00Sale Price
  • By purchasing this book, you contribute to the development of the Milanima association. The sale of this book  will also allow the printing of an unpublished edition.

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